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Areas of Practice

Section 333 Waiver

A Section 333 Waiver is a critical tool for any business wanting to use a drone to engage in any type of aerial data collection. This includes any business involved in general photography, real estate photography, film and movie production, wildlife surveys, pipeline and power-line inspection, infrastructure and industrial inspections, news gathering, agricultural surveys, demonstration flights, research and development, educational/academic uses, aiding certain rescue operations in otherwise inaccessible areas and others. The FAA website indicates that the Section 333 waiver offers a “competitive advantage” and that civil operation of UAS for commercial purposes is anticipated to result in “significant economic benefits“. The FAA does not charge a fee to file a Section 333 Waiver. The FAA has granted 2,240 waiver applications to date, with several thousand  more being processed. Kelly Law UAS has prepared and filed the 333 Waiver and can assist clients in filing such waivers with the FAA.  

Privacy and Use Regulations

As indicated in my comments submitted in the small UAS rulemaking last April,  privacy is an enormous issue for the general public with respect to the use of drones. The NTIA is developing privacy guidelines at the direction of the February 15, 2015  Executive Order to promote economic competitiveness and innovation while safeguarding privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties in the domestic use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). In addition, many states have issued regulations regarding the use of drones as well. It is important to understand how these rules will affect you.

Federal And State
Regulatory Practice

Kelly Law UAS has 30 years of practice before federal and state regulatory agencies. This experience will assist drone operators with questions they may have concerning such regulations.

FAA UAS Registration

The FAA is currently making rules to govern the registration of drones. These rules will apply to current drone owners as well as future drone owners. It is very important for consumers to understand these rules so that so that drone operators may operate safely and legally in the national airspace system. I have filed comments in the registration clarification proceeding and will be happy to discuss the FAA's regulations when they come out by
the end of the year.

Intellectual Property

I am familiar with all aspects of trademark and copyright needs of small businesses. I am an owner of trademarks and have filed numerous trademark requests applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Intellectual property has great value and each small business should evaluate the content of its intellectual property and take the steps necessary to protect it.​

Business Law

Kelly Law UAS has represented small businesses in all aspects of legal issues affecting small businesses for decades. I have on my own small business which operated pursuant to Federal Communications Commission's licenses so I am familiar with the many legal requirements of running a business on both Federal and state levels.  I am also familiar with the budgetary concerns of small businesses needing regulatory assistance, as well as incorporation procedures.​


I have decades of experience drafting contracts of all types for small business. This includes contracts for the sale of assets to leasing of tower space for communications companies on communications towers across the country. Every business contract has extensive legal ramifications which should be examined carefully before
a contract is signed.​

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